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Volts Office Monitor

Volts Office Monitor

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Volts Office Monitor is a single-phase energy monitor for the office, or anywhere else where you want to track your electrical energy consumption. It utilizes open split core electricity transformers and a magnetic connector, which makes it very easy to install and set up.

  •   Maximum current - 60А
  •   Error margin <1 %
  •   Monitors active energy, Current, Voltage, Power, cos (PF)
  •   Real-time data
  •   Energy independent memory for the electrical counter
  •   Sound indications
  •   LED indicator  
  •   Average consumption statistics in kwh/lv
  •   WiFi communication through your local network

The strong hardware foundations of our products allow our software to shine.

Through our own platform - the Volts Cloud, we provide a unified interface for all of our monitoring devices, where you can easily track and analyze your energy usage. It provides a range of cutting-edge features, including custom tariffs, alarms and reports, with many more in development.

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